Factory Tour

The factory floor is where the magic happens at Amclex.

We have more than 500 employees sorting, grading, and shipping clothing to people in need around the world.

We compensate and collect clothing and materials from our vendors by the truckload every day. Once it arrives at our facility, it enters through our central processing plant and are sorted and prepared for shipping. The bales of clothing are shipping to countries in need, where they are available for purchase or donation.

Amclex supplies clothing for one billion people in need worldwide, including throughout Africa in Tanzania, the Congo, and Liberia.

Our goal is two-fold: we want to reduce the waste in US landfills, while helping people around the world that do not have access to clothing as textiles. Our employees are proud of the work that takes place on the factory floor. They handle as much as 4 billion pounds of clothing each year, cutting down on waste, while providing others with much needed items.

If you would like to know more about the Amclex process and how our factory operates, or your company has the ability to provide clothing or textiles, we want to know about it. Contact Amclex at 305-634-1757.

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