Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is one of the most lucrative markets there is in used clothing. At Amclex, we collect vintage clothing donations and supply these pieces to people around the globe. If you have access to vintage clothing pieces, we would love to work with you.

We gather vintage clothing items and bring them to our facility where they are sorted, cleaned, and prepared for processing. Some pieces are unsalvageable, so we recycle them into other pieces. Many pieces are in great shape though and are ideal for reuse just as they are.

Our goal is to continually gather well-loved pieces of vintage clothing and ensure they are still put to good use. We believe in our mission and we want to make sure the clothing and textiles that make it to our factory provide the greatest value to communities in need. You can feel good about working with us and know that we are doing what we can to help disadvantaged communities.

Amclex is constantly seeking new sources of vintage clothing, so if you would like to be a part of our recycle and reuse revolution and partner with us, contact us at 305-634-1757.

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